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A Shoutout On The Radio

There is something on radio shows that make no sense to me.
No, not the time they play the dance song i the morning.
What is with these radio shows and shoutouts?
For those of you who don’t know, the radio stations will announce someone’s name on the show thanking them for listening.
Like Bob Johnson from the Bronx thanks for listening to (whatever station it is)
As if it is really a reward.
Like it took so much effort from either the listener or the radio host to do.
Because those knobs on the radio don’t turn themselves and those names can’t be read by anyone.
idiot this blog needs music
What do shoutouts even do anyway?
It’s not that is going to make the songs any better.
If the songs suck, I’m pretty sure they will suck with or without your name being called out.
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What idiot came up with this idea?
And why do we still think it is a good one?
So in between the radio talk show, the commercials, and the songs, they think we all want to hear our names?
What is this school attendance?
Do I get a sticker for turning in every day?
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And then there are the shoutouts that aren’t even shoutouts.
They have the radio host call out the names of people who are working, while we are all relaxing from the day off.
Because that shoutout is what your co-worker really wants.
Not more hands, or more money, but a shoutout on a radio station when they don’t even want to be in work.
It sounds like you are mocking the poor people who have to suffer through their day while we are all at the beach getting a tan.
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Shoutouts are the dumbest thing for a radio station to do, which is why they all do them.

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