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Adele Should Just Shut Up About Trump Using Her Music

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Adele doesn’t like that Donald Trump is using her music in his campaigns.
I know.
How weird is that?
Adele, the singer that is literally played on every station right now is upset that a presidential candidate is playing her music.
Why is she shocked by it?
It isn’t like she is an indie musician that feels she is being taken advantage of.
She is Adele.
Everyone is playing her music!
Some are even over it.
Oh wait, that is just me.
Look I am not a Trump supporter.
I am not a fan of Adele.
I do however believe that celebrities and politics don’t mix.
(And yes I do realize that Trump is a celebrity too!)
Frankly I don’t care what Adele has to say about Trump and his run for presidency.
I hate when celebrities act like they have a say in important matters of the world.
You are an actor.
Shut up and read your script.
You are a singer.
Shut up and sing your song.
And yes, I put myself in this group as well.
I am a writer.
I should just write stories for you and not try to persuade you of my political views because of my name.
That is, if I had a name.
If you called me out then I wouldn’t disagree with you.
Celebrities are so full of themselves that they believe people want to hear about everything they say.
This coming from a guy who has six different blogs.
But still.
Also Adele isn’t even American!
Is she even going to vote in this upcoming election?
She is fine with sellling out.
With going on every talk-show, being on every radio station, having her song featured in places that it shouldn’t be mentioned,
But god forbid politicians play her song.
At that point she crossed the line.
She doesn’t get involved in politics.
She doesn’t mind being everywhere else though.
Sorry Adele, you can’t have it both ways.

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