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A Guy Would Not Have Written That Song

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The song by Alessia Cara is about a girl who really hates a party she is at.
From the guy who can’t hold his drink, to the gossip girl.
The singer hates everything about the party.
To the point where you ask yourself, “Why doesn’t she just leave?”
It is one of the few songs on the radio that a listener knows was written by someone in their shoes.
Most songs I hear are unrelatable or vague with their lyrics.
I get the feeling that the singer tried to reach a large audience by not talking about anything at all.
That is not Here though.
Her song is pretty clear.
There is no love or metaphors or anything really special.
Just a really pissed off woman stuck at a crappy party.
My thing is that a guy…
Well, a guy would have never written that song.
And you know why?
Because if a guy goes to a party he hates, he leaves right away.
Or he doesn’t even go to the party.
Honestly most guys would rather play Fallout 4 than go to a party.
It is funny for me to listen to the song, because I can’t help but think that she doesn’t even try to leave.
She just sits over in the corner waiting for it to end.
As if she is trapped.
I know, as a man, I would not do that.
I’d bail.
I’d get the hell out of there.
The party sucks and I haven’t played Fallout 4 in the last few hours.
But then I would have missed a chance for writing a surprise smash radio hit.
Good thing she stayed at the party she hated?

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