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I’m Officially Out Of The Loop

I have an announcement to make.
If I can have your attention for a second.
This won’t take long, I swear.
I would like to inform all the readers, reviewers and all other persons who come across this passage that I am officially no longer in the know of music.
I no longer am qualified to speak of modern hits and current songs that are popular among so many of you.
How did I learn such a thing?
About a month ago I read what the songs of the year were;
And I couldn’t name one.
Not one artist.
Not one song.
It was as if I was reading another language.
Is this true?
Could it be?
Did it happen so soon?
No one even gave me a heads up.
Not a word was spoken about how I lost touch with music.
Instead the article just assumed that I knew what they were talking about.
Never did it even hint that some of the readers may not know the songs or artists they were speaking of.
How could you be a music fan and not know these songs?
I wish I could say that I was hip and the article was written in English.
That I know all the top tracks all the cool people listen to.
But I do not.
Sorry, world.
But I am no longer listening to, what you want me to listen to.
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