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Michael Jackson Is The Worst Thing To Happen To Music

How could I say such a thing?
Michael is the greatest!
No one is better than him!
You jerk!
Okay. Okay. Calm down and let me explain.
And for the record you can apply this to other greats like The Beatles and Elvis.
And if you want to include guys like Kanye West or Lil Wayne then go ahead I am not going to stop you.
I just used Michael in the title because I thought that may get the biggest gasp from you.
Sorry, it’s true.
Anyway on to my point.
Why was Michael Jackson bad for music?
Let me first say that by music I don’t mean the industry but the art itself.
The music industry loves iconic musicians because that means more money in their pocket.
Michael was great, there is no disputing that.
But was he too great?
Is that even such a thing?
Too great?
Most people have a hard enough time being decent.
Did he, along with other great artists, become bigger than music?
Causing us to not actually appreciate the art for what it is without him.
Can you even imagine that?
What happens when he releases a new song?
It sells more than the others combined.
My god, the Beatles had the top five songs at one point!
They had a starting lineup as their top songs.
It is almost not fair to the other artists.
How can they compete?
Michael was not only a great musician but dancer, so what are you supposed to do?
Be better than him?
Good luck with that, since he already has the money and popularity that you will never have.
So you have no choice but to emulate him.
And do the fans mind?
Because we love the artist.
He’s great, what is there not to love?
As we fall in love with these greats, we don’t realize that we are putting them ahead of the art form.
You must contribute to their greatness or you are an idiot.
Are you starting a band?
You better learn “Yesterday”
Are you becoming a singer?
You better know “Beat It”
It isn’t about the music anymore.
It’s about putting these artists, who were great, on a pedistil.
We are not appreciating the little people in the field that make it so great.
The unknown nightclub DJ that plays all night.
The never-to-be discovered guitarist who plays at the local restaurant.
The singer-songwriter who confesses their soul on a sheet of paper.
Those people are what make music so great.
Yes Michael, and Elvis and the Beatles were geniuses.
But no one should ever become bigger than music.
No one artist is more important than music as a whole.
Unfortunately we are headed in that direction.


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