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Why Isn’t Elvis Played On The Radio?

I think this is a fair question.
We hear Michael Jackson still.
Heck the guy has his own Cirque Du Soleil tour.
We hear some Beatles stuff still.
They have their own ten minute segment at noon on a station by me.
But what of The King?
What about Elvis Presley?
Why doesn’t he get any playtime on the radio?
Now he may on a local radio station that you listen to, and if that is the case then this obviously doesn’t really apply to you.
It’s not like people don’t know him.
They do.
People can recognize an Elvis impersonator when they see one.
And his voice is very distinct.
So it isn’t like there is much effort in the promotion of the guy.
The popularity is already there.
But what about playtime?
Well, he gets none.
The modern stations don’t play him.
They feel he is too out of it.
Too old.
Some may even say that he was just a lucky white guy who used black guy songs to a white audience to really go against him.
That last part is a little harsh on the poor guy.
People will line up to see a movie about a group called NWA (Niggas with Attitude) but will argue that Elvis should not be put on because… he’s white?
It is very weird if you ask me.
The classic rock stations want nothing to do with him either.
They like the Stones and the Beatles.
All of the post Beatles music.
So he gets left out in the dust since they are celebrating bands like AC/DC and Metallica, and The Police
And then there is Elvis.
Who isn’t enough rock to be on their station, I guess.
Even though he is one of the guys who built the genre.
Does his music suck?
Maybe it isn’t as good as I am making it out to be.
If that is the case then a large portion of people don’t know music because he is one of the best selling artists of all-time.
So he should get some playtime on the air just because of his popularity?
Even if his music sucks, right?
I don’t know.
But for some reason he is disregarded on the radio stations.
They are almost afraid to play him.
I don’t really get it.
Since I think the guy is pretty good.

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