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We Can Disagree On What Music To Play

I don’t get why some people get so worked up over music.
Like if I say I hate a certain genre, or that I don’t care for another.
What do you care?
You aren’t listening to that song.
I am.
So what is the big deal, if we disagree on what music we enjoy?
It’s not a competition.
We aren’t trying to one-up one another.
If you like different music than me, than that is fine.
I think that some people hold their tastes so close that if you have a different opinion from them, they think you are insulting them.
Which isn’t the case.
Go ahead and hate The Beatles; you are allowed to.
Mock Mozart.
Call rap crap.
You should be able to voice your thoughts on music without being afraid that some sensitive people will hate you for it.
I hope you read some of what I wrote here and disagree with it.
That’s great.
It can help us try to understand each other’s opinion, rather than hate each other.

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