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How To Rap Like Lil Wayne

When you don't know what to say just say nigga. It worked for this guy.

When you don’t know what to say just say nigga. It worked for this guy.

Oh so you want to be the next great MC?
To be like Biggie and Tupac?
Played on all the radio stations?
Known by all, and respected by many?
Even the white people like you.
Then again that may not be a good thing.
Just ask Eminem about that one.
Well you should take advice from the man who took over the hip-hop world with his amazing rhymes.
Who the world stood still at his greatness.
Before him, no one had such rhymes, such timing.
This guy changed hip-hop.
No, not Bigge or Tupac.
Lil Wayne.
Who did you think I was talking about?
Oh right, Biggie or Tupac.
I’m not going to tell you how to rap like one of them.
Because that will take some skill and effort on your part.
With Lil Wayne as your advisor you only need to know the basics.
Ask yourself;
Does cat rhyme with hat?
If you said “yes” then you are wrong.
It rhymes with nigga.
Does sad rhyme with bad?
If you said “yes” to this question then you are wrong again.
It rhymes with nigga.
Sure you may have passed an elementary school class with your answers, but you would not pass in the Lil Wayne School of Rapping.
If you want to rap like Lil Wayne rhyme any word with nigga.
When you are lost, say nigga.
Then you’ll be fine.
Then, and only then can you be a great MC.
Don’t buy that you need to learn the game and have experience.
You don’t.
That’s not important.
Take it from Lil Wayne.
Nigga rhymes with anything.
Did you think this was hard nigga?
This lesson is basic nigga.
See, it’s simple.
Oh and you may want to have a former child actor and a woman with a big ass as part of your crew.
It can’t hurt.

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