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Who Was Spying On Biggie?

Evidently people may spy on you when you are king. Ha. See what I did right there?

I was listening to the radio the other day when the song “Mo Money Mo Problems” came on.
Every once and a while a popular radio station will play a song from the past.
That is in between the same four songs they play every twenty minutes.
How do they do it?
That one song is three minutes long and those guys played it thirty times in an hour!
It doesn’t even add up!
Oh and a song from three years ago is not a flashback.
I laugh when the radio DJ’s act like songs from a few years ago are flashbacks.
They aren’t.
A song has to at least be in kindergarten before it can be filed in the classic section of the music world.
Anyway I’ve heard the song by Biggie Smalls a bunch of times before,
It is one of the high points in hip-hop, in my opinion.
If you want to expose someone to that genre, that song should be on the playlist.
For some reason I caught something I never heard before.
Biggie’s lyrics about him being spied on.
I know it sounds strange when put so bluntly.
What is he talking about with the lyrics,
Federal agents mad cause I’m flagrant.
Tap my cell and the phone in the basement.

Wait… what?
Did he just say there were people spying on him?
Is that a metaphor I missed?
Or maybe it is one of those rapper lines that I don’t really understand?
But “tap my cell”
I’ve played enough video games to know that means spying is involved.
That is such a weird line to include in an upbeat catchy song.
Were people really spying on Biggie or was he just exaggerating for the purpose of the song?
I don’t know.
But if I all of a sudden wrote about feds spying on me, then I’d expect some eyebrows to be raised.
Not for everyone to sing along to the catchiness of my rhymes.

In case you need to be reminded of this song.

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