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Classical Is More Popular Than You Think

Snobs are not the only ones who like classical music.

If you ask anyone what are the most popular genres in music, what would they say?
Maybe another sub-genre that they enjoy.
Like dance or alternative.
No one would bring up classical.
But is it really that much of a joke of a genre as it is presented to most people?
Not everyone who listens to classical is as snobby as Frasier Crane, right?
Is it really music for only elite white rich people?
Are seniors really the only ones who listen to classical music?
I am presenting the argument that classical is in fact one of the most popular genres of music out there today.
We just don’t think of it as so.
Let’s see.
It has the names to match the other genres.
Everyone knows Beethoven and Mozart.
So in terms of star power, it can go toe to toe with any other genre.
It has the views on YouTube.
Go and look up a classical playlist on the site and you will see some videos that have over ten million views.
Videos that are a few hours long too.
Compare that to a three minute video getting the same amount of  views.
Add to the fact that the piece was written before America was created and I’d say it is really an impressive feat.
Also classical is the go to genre for movies and television.
Whenever there is a part in the movie that the characters are not talking there is classical music being played.
Just ask Disney and The Looney Tunes about this one.
Those two took classical pieces and put them into their cartoons which obviously worked.
Plus classical doesn’t have the hype that the other genres have.
You are never told to listen to classical.
You just do.
One day you are sitting and you think, “You know I want to listen to music, but not music that will make me anxious. I want easy to listen to music.”
Then you find classical and all of a sudden you have a secret genre of music that you enjoy.
You are told to like rock.
To like pop.
To like hip-hop.
“This is the new release of this artist. It’s so hot and fresh that you should check it out.”
But what does classical get?
You listen to classical not because of a DJ telling you to or because it is played on the radio so much.
But because you enjoy it for what it is.
Classical shouldn’t be swept under the rug as an embarrassment for people to listen to and enjoy.
Because when it is all said and done classical may end up being the most popular genre of all.
I mean, there is a reason it is called classical.

Can you name another six hour long video that has nearly twenty million views?
Because I can’t.

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