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I Get It; It’s A Country Song!

Daisy Dukes are mentioned; it must be a country song.

Daisy Dukes are mentioned; it must be a country song.

Why does every country song have to mention that it is a country song?
It seems like such a pointless thing to do.
Can you imagine if I did that?
“Hey this is a blog you are reading! In case you didn’t know”
You’d stop reading this blog.
It is as if the songwriters go out of their way to make sure the listener knows they are listening to a country song.
I swear I didn’t know that was a country song playing on the country radio station.
Yeah right.
It is pretty obvious to hear.
Also I am playing the country radio station!
I expect there to be songs of that genre to blasting for the speakers.
Let’s see what is included in every country song so that I don’t need to be reminded what genre of music I am listening to when it plays on the radio?
A cowboy hat.
A hick accent.
The word redneck.
Some reference to being thrown in jail.
The mention of church.
Jesus Christ.
Lynard Skynard.
Dirt road paths.
Trucks. Big trucks.
Daisy dukes.

See country you don’t have to mention the word country just for me to know it is a country song.
The stereotype is so large and well known, you can just go head and leave out the word country.

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