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Why Does Justin Bieber Have A Roast Again?

This is still the best roast there is.

This is still the best roast there is.

Can someone please tell me why Justin Bieber is having a roast again?
I thought roasts were for washed up older celebrities like Donald Trump and Charlie Sheen.
Ones that are basically dead and have done nothing for years up until the roast.
If it wasn’t for the roast you wouldn’t even know the poor celebrity was alive.
The roast has other celebrities you don’t care about tell jokes about the poor celebrity.
It’s nice, it is like a stage of celebrities that I wouldn’t mind disappearing.
Then there are those comedians who tell jokes about the person being roasted.
I have yet to see any evidence of these comedians actually being funny, but I am still on the case.
So why the hell is there a roast for a young musician like Justin Bieber?
It seems out of place to make jokes about someone who isn’t close to finishing.
At least by his age.
Is Justin close to dying and not telling anyone?
Is he done making music?
What’s up?
Of all the people that Comedy Central could choose, they chose Jusin.
Come on, there are plenty of older, desperate for attention celebrities who would love to have a roast.
But Justin Bieber?
Shouldn’t we wait thirty years until Justin Bieber is all wrinkled up and done making music?
When he is not well known and no one cares what happens to him?
What is the rush?
This guy will become like every other musician and celebrity eventually.
A shell of themselves that has to reminisce on a championship season or hit song that they did.
They are known for that one thing in our society.
Great we are having a Justin Bieber roast.
Because I hated these things enough the way it is, let’s add a musician that has a fanbase of only young girls.
Yeah, that should make this much more interesting to watch.
I’m kidding.
There is not a chance I am watching it.

Do something useful with your time and read a book or something instead of watching the freaking roast.

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