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Not Very Electric

It must be me.
Because when I hear the words “electric guitar” I think of a song with a guitar riff being the main aspect of the song.
Like a Rolling Stones song or Guns N’ Roses.
They had the guitar play a huge part in the success of their electric guitar sound.
It practically made their songs.
So when I heard that Mumford & Sons where changing their folk style to incorporate electric guitar I thought that I was going to get something similar to a classic rock feel.
Boy was I wrong.
Does the song “Believe” by Mumford & Sons have an electric guitar in it.
Is it a bad song?
Not really.
I was just caught off guard by the promotion behind the song.
As if they were going to create a song with a catchy riff I’d be humming to myself for the next couple of days.
The electric guitar in the song doesn’t do anything for me.
It doesn’t add to the song.
It is just there.
Like someone thought, “You know what would be really cool? If we put electric guitar into a song.”
And then they tried too hard to input the style.
I give Mumford & Sons credit for trying to switch it up instead of sticking to what worked.
That took some balls creativity and I like that.
But they should not have been so liberal with the words “electric guitar” since their use of it is very poor in this song.
Let the real rock bands with real electric guitar riffs play electric guitar.
I mean, come one, I hear more of an electric guitar sound in acoustic guitars.

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