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They Named It After A Car

The Iheart Radio Music Awards has a category for the Renegade Award.
Now if it isn’t bad enough that you may not know what the Iheart Radio Music Awards is, they have an award for something that you aren’t even sure what it means.
What the heck is the Renegade Award?
Is it named after those musicians who are setting themselves apart from the field?
Or maybe it is a tribute to the Styx song with the same name?
It is named after a car.
I’m not kidding.
It really is.
The Iheart Radio Music Awards is giving out an award that is for a new model car that they are releasing.
That is just sad.
And just an example on how politically controlled the awards are.
Why not just call it “This is the artist that agreed to do business with us”?
Oh yeah, don’t be surprised when in the near future whoever wins this renegade thing is in a commercial for Jeep.
Or has lyrics in their songs about driving a Jeep.
Don’t let the poetic verse fool you; the award is just a promotion for the car.

Here is what the official site has to say a Renegade is:

“Renegades never stand still. They see opportunity where others give up and love to share their discoveries. Adventure is defined by the moment they’re in, the company they’re with and the potential for making memories. They don’t follow the same old routes. They follow their instincts.

The Jeep® brand is proud to sponsor the first ever iHeartRadio Music Renegade Award. The nominees are emerging standout artists who have broken boundaries while staying true to themselves. These artists defy convention to create new musical lanes that are distinctly their own. They are authentic and passionate, with the talent to stretch the limits and do something extraordinary. They are Renegades.”

Told you it was poetic.
Honestly if it was written without the Jeep underline I’d enjoy the poem.
Bravo Jeep for trying to pretend like you aren’t really involved in any of this.
And that you are just a sponsor.
Whatever that means right?
Does Jeep pick the nominees?
Is that what a sponsor does?
Or do they just throw money at the whole event?
Either they have a say in it.
I guess they must be talking about Taylor Swift when they say of an artist staying true to themselves.
The musician who switched from country to pop and is no longer accepted by country.
Sounds authentic
These artists certainly defy convention though, I give Jeep that, because I still can’t figure out why the radio stations play their songs so much.
These renegades follow whatever their PR is telling them will get them the most likes.
Not their authenticity.
Play a song that can be played on commercial radio stations and not offend anyone.
Don’t be political.
Say something but don’t say anything at the same time.
That is what these artists are told.

Come on Iheart, don’t pretend like these people are the most rebellious musicians out there.
When music fans think of renegades or rebels they don’t think of the artist that won an award.
That in itself makes it not ever renegade like.
It is like that person who thinks they are so badass by getting the same tattoo that everyone else gets.
“Look at how much I go against the grain”
Said every artist nominated.
So how can they all go against the grain?
That doesn’t seem right.

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