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Lyrics Mean Nothing

I am so tired of artists talking about the lyrics to their songs.
Bringing up how poetic they are in their rhymes.
How we should compare them to Shakespeare because of their use of the language.
They act as if their lyrics mean anything.
Which I do not believe is the case.
People like music for the beat.
Not the words.
And your honor, I have two songs as my evidence.
The first is the song “Bohemian Rhapsody”, a classic rock song by the band Bohemian Rhapsody.
The second is “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, a song by the band Nirvana.
Neither of the lyrics to these songs are understandable to the listener.
The plot is lost in Bohemian Rhapsody.
That is if there is one.
As of this day no one has positively identified the story in the song.
Is the song about a man killing someone?
Is it just random lines thrown together to make the song?
No one knows.
And then there is Smells Like Teen Spirit.
This song has a different reason for it’s use here.
To be frank you cannot make out a word that the guy is saying in the song.
Is he is screaming “And we all are entertainers” or “Here we are now entertain us?”
Without seeing a lyrics sheet a fan would not be able to answer that question with any certainty.
Despite the fact that these songs have problems with inflection, people still enjoy them.
How can that be?
No one knows what those two songs are about.
Yet they are considered two of the greatest in modern rock.
Artists who believe their lyrics mean anything are fooling themselves.
Because if people really cared about what the artist was saying they’d read it.
Poems are meant to be read.
Songs are meant to be heard.

We all sing along to this song when it is on the radio; yet can anyone say what this is about?

We all sing along to this song when it is on the radio; yet can anyone say what this is about?

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