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That Overplayed Song On The Radio

There is always that one song on the radio that really shouldn’t be played.
You wonder just what the hell is the song even doing on the radio?
Who allowed this madness to occur?
This isn’t March or Sparta, what gives?
What person signed off for this pathetic work to be put on the airwaves?
Is the artist paying off someone?
Do they have connections that other artists do not have?
As Jerry Seinfeld would said, “What is the deal?”
(That was his catchphrase for those of you who have no idea what I just wrote)
Because this song…
This song sucks.
There is no way this song is on the radio based on its own merit.
Commercial radio friendly garbage.
Damn it seems my bag isn’t even big enough for this much crap.
Ironically enough the radio friendly song is getting me really pissed.
Mad enough to change emotions and be mad until lunch, but not mad enough to change the station.
You know how it is.
No one wants to be the guy who changes the radio station so that everyone has to listen to his style of music.
Sure now you are listening to The Beatles, but everyone in the room is kind of mad at you for being such a control freak with the radio.
Which isn’t even yours.
So yeah, you are not going to change the station.
But somehow this dreadful song is on the radio!
Are you kidding me?
I can’t believe it is acceptable for people to hear this bs.
This is basically a sin in the music industry.
Along with lip-syncing and dub step.
Thou shall not make songs that thy people will hate.
It is written between the murder and stealing commandments.
And what is my luck?
This great song that will probably win song of the year, (damn mainstream music) is played on every single station now.
Yeah that is just what I need.
More of the crap I don’t want.

Some songs are overplayed on the radio.

Some songs are overplayed on the radio.

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