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Two Chainz And His Education

If you bring up the rapper Two Chainz, one of the first facts brought up about him will be about how smart he is.
“He graduated with a 4.0 in college.”
One of the people in the discussion will say.
No one will say where this school is though.
But you can bet that someone will marvel over the man’s intelligence when you bring up his name.
Now why is this something brought up about Two Chainz?
A rapper whose is so artistically gifted that he can rhyme the words big booty with the words big booty.
He was such a prodigy in his field thatĀ like so many other geniuses he received his big break early in life, at the age of 31.
My feeling is that this odd fact is brought up because you wouldn’t think that the guy was smart if you just listened to his music.
Actually you would say the opposite.
That he sounds like he didn’t even graduate from high school, better yet college.
So when it is brought up how smart Two Chainz is, I think people are trying to convince themselves that he is actually smart.
They are believing a lie, to put it another way.
You can’t listen to this guy’s songs and really believe that he is someone that graduated college.
What college exactly?
Clown college?
And if he is what some claim to be outsmarting the game by going along with it, then he isn’t as smart as you claim.
Some people think that he writes his songs according to the needs of the field.
Since he knows that the rap game wants to glorify sex and drugs, he writes about sex and drugs, and makes money from it.
If you really think that, then you really want the guy to be smart.
And there is no convincing you otherwise.
Your argument is “He is acting stupid because he knows that by acting stupid will make him money.”
But I ask, why not just act smart and make money.
Oh yeah.
Because he may not actually be.

What am I supposed to believe next? That this guy was a valedictorian?

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